Just when I get excited…

So, basically, just this year I got all excited about the election.

And it looks like my team is losing. I could give the links that support that assessment, but I am too depressed.

I guess my newly acquired status as informed citizen has to find a new outlet.

Perhaps I can stay up on women’s issues. I have been reading what IWF.org has to say, and it’s an interesting perspective.

Or maybe I can try to wade through the mess of info about what the heck is happening with the ecoomy. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it, but it’s murky.

I’m sort of too bummed to work it out.

I guess when you get high, there is a come-down. I’ve still got my McCain/Palin lawn sign out, but it’s mostly a token now.

UPDATE: Chris suggests I watch some Fred and Ginger. “That was what they did in the Great Depression! It should be good enough for you.”