I was with a group of friends last night, and someone was unclear about what exactly a blog is.

Don’t throw ME in the briar patch!

But you know, I’ve been doing this blog thing for 6 and a half years. It is a container to hold the mind-matter that might otherwise jam up in my head.

I dont’ know if it begets further mediocrity or if it actually helps me hone my thinking.

I guess what I know for sure it does is save trees. I would be writing SOMETHING even if were on notebooks that would pile up and be in the way. I do have enough of those hanging around anyway.

If we didn’t have this new container for writing, communication, creativity, what-have-you, this receptacle that is the internet…I think we would probably write more letters.

Or maybe we would put on local dispalys of art–theater productions, paintings, music sessions, something. At the risk of sounding like Captain Kirk, I think it’s part of what makes humans great.

And yeah, there are a lot of stupid outpourings. This particular post would be one of them. But then, there is the occasional flash of something greater.  I have a category “Attempts at Profundity” that is for those little flashes.

I guess capturing them is worth the rest of the drivel.