Ben Folds and the suburbia experience

My sweetheart husband burned a mix CD for me. It is things like this that let me know the honeymoon isn’t over yet.

Before he determined do to this thing, we were listening in his office to some CDs. He had Ben Folds on. I said “You know, I love him, but I he is best known for “Brick” which I can’t stand. It’s a song that could make you kill yourself!”

So, the husband decided to make me a mix of cool Ben Folds songs that were not Brick, and he finished it in time for my day of driving. He’s so Cool.

Ben and Chris, that is.

Ben Folds is a white guy with enough jade in his eye to be clever. I was driving the company van down the road that I take every day back and forth to get to work. The first song on the CD:

Rocking the Suburbs

I was bopping along listening to him, and thinking I should play the piano more and do more songwriting myself. And I thought, man, I am so not this guy. I’m from WASILLA, for pete’s sake.

However, I am a lot like the suburb zombie now. I take this same stretch of freeway again and again and again. I have often thought that there is a special me-shaped groove in the road.

I looked at the highway. It did not have any grooves in it. It is a synthetic and flat slab of granite. The anti-yosemite, really.

Maybe it’s me that has the road-shaped groove. I am softer material than this societal infrastructure.

And the two hemispheres of my brain held two thoughts:

‘that’s a cool poetic thought’


‘how cringingly depressing.”

And maybe those two thoughts are the best way to describe the experience of listening to Ben Folds.

My favorite song so far:

All U can Eat