fish in a small pond

Thinking of the national scene, and the international scene has got me down. Maybe I should be thinking of my more local scene.

I do live in a pretty nice city, in a pretty nice area. Maybe I should narrow my focus and concentrate on my insular town.

I got myspace spammed with a local website:

It’s a homey website, talking about where the garage sales are and what kind of community events are upcoming.

Also, last night, I managed to paint one wall of my living room and wash my dog. That wore me out, so I couldn’t finish transcribing the recipe for peach cobbler I had created out of two other recipes.

We had a birthday potluck at work yesterday–our first–and the cobbler was a hit. Therefore, the recipe was worth retaining.

Also, the crib arrived on Tuesday and is in it’s box waiting to be assembled.

So manymany things happening. Relevant, important things. The dog truly needed a bath and a peach cobbler is a thing of beauty.

And yet these things are very mundane. Contemplating the voter fraud activities of ACORN is a little more exciting, but less wholesome.

Perhaps I should have a sub-blog as part of this website, “Little House in The Foothills”

Our house is little. And perhaps it would be worthwhile to celebrate the nano-events of my life as a point of perspective.

Or maybe…or maybe…I should just read more books.