2 week-iversary

two weeks of new life in my family

Veronica has learned most significantly to go from zero to purple faced shriek in no time flat..is this colic?  or infant personality?

I bought 2 nights of almost enough sleep by supplementing with formula (takes longer to digest, therefore she sleeps longer) . But the system broke down last night and we celebrated her birth with an all-nighter.

She hasn’t learned to focus her eyes, so ‘playing’ with her isn’t poosible. Daddy does enjoy her kung-fu grip, but that’s as far as it goes.

I did learn that i have to beat the crap out of her to get her to burp…poor thing! But i guess burping is necessary.

Round about five AM when I was *still* up with V and serving as pacifier replacer every 30 seconds, I grabbed pencil and notebook to regroup.

You can’t know what to expect till you get to the top of the hill. I can see the other side now, and the other side says “Nights do not belong to the sleeping anymore..” I can’t control if she will sleep, but I can use the resources to share this burden. She needs me so much, I have to make sure I stay well as part of her upkeep, leave aside my own.

So…Bottles are going to play a large part in our lives now. I woke up Chris a few hours later and said “You will be feeding your daughter today.”

The pilliow muffled his answer, but we came up with a plan, and he’s off getting a breast pump

and more pacifiers

So I looked down at this child who lefty my womb 14 days ago, but who really hasn’t left my stomach since I’ve been holding her so incessantly, and said “Kid, we are your parents and we can take whatever you throw at us. As long as we stick together.”

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