tight as a piano wire

She slept good last night, but i was so traumatized by the night before I could barely relax to enjoy it.
Chris did start to give her a bottle; but she called him a fraud and accused hum of trying to kill her. she knew very well he was not a source of food!!
It traumatized both of us, all the more because we saw how it made the other feel. HE knew i needed his help but his daughter wasn’t letting him. I saw how my soft-hearted was beingt verbally abused.
He gave up gave me the bottle. She took it fairly readily, with only a few screams. Then I handed her back to him so I could try the new electric breast pump.
My courage failed at first,  this thing was a monster. But i rallied and managed to hook it up and ‘express’ an ounce.
In the middle, V was screaming from the bedroom with daddy, who after a time joinefd and sent out an sos. I called out that he could bring her into the living room. Hr couldn’t hear me,
But the squalling died down, and I finished and unhooked myself. then realzed i had no plan for where to store the stuff.
In the end she slept better than any other night ever; probably because sha had not napped

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