parade of Grandparents

Yesterday, Veronica’s grandparents all came to visit, pretty much unplanned and unbeknownst to each other.

Chris’s mom had already volunteered to come help out…which meant holding the baby while I took a nap.

She held the baby like a pro. And I realized that i hadn’t given Veronica away to be held for more than…oh…20 minutes since she was born. My arms felt very empty and I felt almost panicky. But I lay down and managed a nap for about a half hour.

I didn’t think I would sleep, but I knew i had to try.

See, I had called my mom the day before and just cried at her about how hard this was and how I had not sleep and how I was overwhelmed with anxiety at all the responsibility of this little life. She booked a hotel and was driving down to help out over her three day weekend.

So, Chris’s mom held my baby, and I knew that even if I couldn’t fall asleep that day, I had to stay awake and get used to someone else taking care of the baby so that I could fall asleep the next day.

I did sleep for about a half hour, and that was good.

What with all the grandparents coming through and holding my child, she slept a lot…lap naps. I was worried (what CAN’T I worry about right now?) that she wouldn’t sleep through the night. She seemed to have slept all day.

But she slept fine. And I slept better, too. Just sharing the load a little made a big difference.

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