Try again

So, I am not going to follow the doctor’s advice and go without nursing my baby for 7-10 days

She’s nuts.

Basically, the internet and a poll of my mother-friends says that it’s not necessary, just smear the same medicine I’m eye-droppering into her mouth onto me. Both of us should get over it in about a week. YES, the nursing will hurt for the duration. But the mental anguish of not nursing hurts more.

I went two whole days, so my milk apparatus is somewhat healed (good, less hurt). And I have become good at using the electric pump (something that I was scared to try, but have been forced to conquer).


Child is quite happy drinking from a bottle. And even more importantly, she is happy taking a bottle from Daddy. So, we have two nights now achieved the goal of me sleeping for MORE than three hours in a row.

THAT will continue, even if we have to use the super-artificial formula to make it happen.

It’s just about feeding time right now…she’s snoozing in her swing and I can barely wait to get back to the groove of nursing her.  I could wake her up, but she’ll probably wake up on her own in a few minutes.

Motherhood is a strange trip. I would never have known what to expect.

One thought on “Try again

  1. I think you are a terrific mother and person. Keep up the good work through this time of having a baby. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of March

    Love Dad