Farewell, Our lady of the black robe

So, Sandra Day O’Connor is retiring from the supreme court. I never met her, but I hear she is an amazing woman. I will always respect her for being the first female on the Supreme court

This means a job is open.

I checked the supreme court website. It’s a very utilitarian website, no flash, lots of PDF whitepapers. I am proud of the businesslike character of our justice system’s page.

However, the webmaster is a tad behind. THey have not posted the open position for the Supreme court justice. I checked.

You can make almost 20 bucks an hour as a part time telephone operator at the Supreme court. Not bad for part time. And if you have a post graduate degree, you can do well as a Supreme Court Fellow (is that sexist?). They make 110K a year, with all the bennies.

Makes me wonder how much a supreme court justice makes.

That sort of salary information should be public knowledge. But I’m having a little trouble finding it.

Oh wait! Here’s an old article from 2001:
Supreme Court justices $178,300 and the chief justice $186,300

hoo…They might have some trouble getting someone to take the job. That’s not much for all the schooling you need. I know that real lawyers spend that much on their vacations, just about.

Kinda cheap, aren’t we?

The canadians pay their supreme court judges 235K. That’s canadian shekels, but still….

well, hey, if you are unemployed, and have some law experience, send in your resume. Who knows? Good luck to you.