If you schedule it, they will come

Previously, I wrote about a writing group that I am starting.

It’s the 3rd Tuesday of the month, and the first meeting was in July. But no one came.

I was sad, but I decided it was up to me to do a better job of advertising. I researched it, put up a few more flyers and also called the local paper to have them put it on their calendar of events. I put it on Inland Empire Craig’s list, and I even guilted my neighbor into coming.

My very nice neighbor Sue said she would come. She said she’d never written before, but apparently she felt sorry for me and agreed to come. I felt slightly guilty about guilting an uninterested person into coming, but I really didn’t want to have another no show class.

August meeing came. And so did three other people. And if you count neighbor Sue, four! It was fabulous. And as it turned out, Sue’s interest wasn’t purely pity after all. She has some great projects in mind. And so did Julie, and Marie and Ella.

What a great time!

I am proud, and very pleased that I persevered in spite of initial disinterest.

Now I too am inspired by the class, and I am getting my promotional kit together. Miriam needs to get out into the world and meet people!