Tom’s Farm in Corona

Vintage Carousel, originally uploaded by murphy_h2001.

On the way back home from San Diego, I stopped here at this cute roadside attraction.

It was a fruit stand that had grown out of proportion. There were lots of kiddie rides, a pond to feed the ducks, a big candy store and a vintage carousel.

Corona is hot. And Corona is still agricultural, so it smells of cow.

But it was merely hot yesterday. I enjoyed the few minutes that I wandered around. The furniture store was surprising–both to find one there and that they had nice stuff. And I recommend the candy shop.


red bud tree

DSC07404, originally uploaded by murphy_h2001.

My dear friends and readers! I have expanded my knowledge to include blogging with photographs!

I am so excited. I will be able to share many of my MANY photographs with you now. I am learning to be a photographer.

The tree is a red bud tree, and it’s native to california. I think this was taken in King’s Canyon national park, right south of Yosemite.

3 more days

I am very excited to go on my vacation. I can hardly wait.

Chris has been talking it up for forever, and now we are finally going to Yellowstone.

He and I have been on a lot of nature trips. Heck, we’ve been on a lot of trips. Most of them have been nature oriented.

This will be a doozy. No one in my family has been to Yellowstone. I have not been.

I am looking forward to it. And since it’s a matter of thumb-twiddling for the most part, I took the opportunity to organize my photos of other nature trips.

I’m on flickr, and I’m now working to get it synced with this blog. I”d love to share my photos with you all.

Just wait.

Happy Sepember everyone!

This is the last third of the year.

It’s been a good year.

I’ve felt particularly lazy this week. My co-worker said he’s felt the same way. Could it be because that the weather has stayed in the high 90s?

I’ve felt like doing nothing but watch TV, read, and sleep.

So, this would be the perfect way to spend my holiday weekend. Somehow, though, I have planned all sorts of things. I’m helping my church move this saturday, going to meet friends on sunday, and having dinner on monday.

I’m reading a really good book right now. Desirable Daughters by Mukherjee. It is kind of a mystery, but not so much that it hits you over the head with it. It’s a mystery that sneaks up on you. Which is good, because I don’t like mysteries.

However, I think I will finish it tonight. I only have about 8 pages left.

Back to the library!

But I’ve got another on on tape, called Bang!
It’s an african-american lit book…There are a lot of african american books out there…whole sections of book store are now being given to african american books. Interesting…Anyway. This one is about a family, well, the son in the family, whose younger brother was shot at the age of seven.

Poor little kid just got in the way of a bullet meant for someone else. The family gets destroyed with grief though. The mom can’t let go, and the dad decides that he let his sons be too soft, and if the 7 year old had been tougher, he would have made it.

So the older boy and his best friend (whose father is dead) are taken on this camping trip. THe dad drives way out there, and after two days of camping, just drives off. He leaves them there to fend for themselves and find their way home.

It gets worse and worse from there. It’s pretty sad.

I only have one more tape of that to listen to. I’ll probably finish it this weekend too.