isn’t the internet wonderful?

I heard there was a really good lecture by Seth Godin about the lizard brain. So I went looking for it on Vimeo, where he hosts it. This is what I found:

lizard brains on Amazon

A computer tried to read my mind and sell me what I wanted: LIZARD BRAINS! ON AMAZON! Free shipping if I buy 25 bucks worth.

If someone else had done it first, they would be Bob Dylan

Listening to some excellent podcasts about creativity, I heard Seth Godin talk about just doing it.

He said if someone else had taken the risky chances that Bob Dylan did, THEY would be Bob Dylan.

Maybe. I guess the point was to be out there and put your product into the place. Don’t limit your art with expectations.

Remember the electric guitar at Newport? Don’t let anybody tell you who you can be.

Let’s gather up our highest humanity and reach for the stars!