Comedic Timing

“okay, this is really good… You ready?”

Go ahead

“When is a jar a door? …wait…I said that wrong… When is a door not a door?”

Timing is critical to get a laugh. And it’s high time to get a laugh.

Did you see that video about the Texas lawyer that came to court with a cat filter?

“I’m not a cat”

I understand that.

And I can’t stop laughing. Boy did I need to laugh.

This are serious. Have you seen the latest reason to be afraid? My phone buzzes every couple hours with a new one.

This is SERIOUS.


So many people are not SERIOUS ENOUGH.

Care harder.

Worry More.

Maybe I’ve reached the end of what I can achieve by worry and fear.

“Can you hear me, Judge? …I don’t know how to remove it…I’m prepared to go forward…”

I can see that. I can see that a laugh is exactly what I need. It’s what I need more of.

The jester was part of the king’s court. A laugh can be a bridge to peace. A laugh can be the shortest path from point A to point B.

A laugh can help show that point B isn’t where I want to go, point Z suits me much better.

I just remembered how to remove the worry and fear. I am prepared to go forward at this time.