Had it all along

Huddling in the corner, trying to make herself as small as possible, this dog was whimpering and shuddering. The internet video shows how a veterinarian wins this dog over.

But I didn’t care about the vet. I was amazed at this dog.

Why did she shudder? Why did she make herself so small?

She was a healthy German Shepherd. What could it possibly be so scared of? Didn’t she know she was one of the fiercest animals on earth?

Stand up! Don’t be scared. You are the one that is scary.

I’ve been that dog. I’ve cowered from things that I could have easily resisted. I want to show that dog that she has weapons she could use.

What big teeth you have! What strong muscles you have!

Look how fast you are!

What a loud bark! Such a big voice!

All the better to fight for what I want.

That dog was so scared. But she had everything she needed to defend herself.

I’ve got so many resources to draw from. When I feel overwhelmed with fear, I have a hard time remembering what I have learned.

What do I already have to make my desires real? How can I use my voice and my strength to get where I want to go?

Remember Dorothy in Oz? She spent the whole adventure trying to find her way back home. But she’d had the magic shoes all along.

It was an accident that she killed the wicked witch. She hadn’t intended her house to land on her. Nevertheless, she walked out of that house and took the accidental magic.

All the tools, whatever I can find are fair game. Accidental, on purpose or found object I can use whatever I need to get safe.

I’d like to tell that doggie all the things I wish I could always remember:

You are so strong. You have so much to offer. You are not trapped. You can do this.