Yesterday continued This also has

Yesterday continued

This also has to do with the way we are brought up. We are separated from having authority to know things, to contribute to the body of knowledge, from the very beginning.

Throughout all of the education process, we are not encouraged to act on knowledge. We are taught to constantly check with a person, the teacher, the expert, before assuming that we are right. It takes a very very long time to reach the point of being the one who knows.

As I understand it, it’s very common for people who are the ones who are supposed to know to feel like they are imposters. Many times, they will go through amazing ego-gyrations to keep their insecurity hidden, being rude, domineering or arrogant because they have been granted the authority that they don’t think they deserve.

Well, they don’t deserve it. Not to say that every single person who is perceived as an authority on a subject is ignorant—I am sure that there are many astute and intelligent experts out there. But that they are part of an overly elite and exclusive group is false. The knowledge, the expertise, is not, in its natural state, as exclusive as it has been made to be.

If the artificial barriers to information were taken down, many many more people could have the level of knowledge that the experts have.

It takes work to get it, true. You must take the time to absorb it, and grapple with it, to grok it.

But it is not as hard as many people have made it out to be.

I remember, back in the day when the web was more exciting than anyone could even STAND. Knowing HTML seemed the equivalent of possessing a magic wand.

I had friends that worked with HTML, and they eventually got jobs and were paid for their skills.

Many of them were chagrined by this. “I can’t believe they are paying me this much for knowing HTML. It’s not that hard!”

Well. The fact was, they had learned it. They managed to have a skill that was highly in demand (Oh, for the good old days!) at that time. Timing is important.

But it seems to me that a whole lot of things are a lot easier than we are led to believe. There are false fronts, blowing up the importance of the experts.