I am inadvertently in the middle of a cat fight here at work. My job deals a lot with Administrators, Receptionists and Secretaries.
Maybe this place is sexist…They all seem to be women.

Anyway, some woman told another woman that something was cancelled, and the second woman told the first woman that she had no right to cancel anything, and then SHE told HER that MURPHY said to, so there!


It was all a silly misunderstanding, but now these women are threatening to not speak to one another.


Some people here, certainly none of them my direct superiors, are under the impression that I am important. Therefore, when such an important person as myself says something, IT IS TO BE OBEYED.

I am still curious where they are getting that “important” vibe. I don’t feel important. Right now, I just feel busy.

Is that what being important feels like? Maybe I’m more important than I thought.