There is a Dock strike in LA.

My sweet boyfriend, known for his unfailing foresight, asked me if I’d heard about it.

I had.

NPR was talking about how it was affecting truckers, and I was thinking about my friend Karen’s dad, who is a trucker. But Chris said, “You’d better do your Christmas shopping early this year.”

“Really? Why?”

“All those cheap christmas gifts come from Asia. And we’re going to run out of cheap stuff from Asia or it’s going to get really expensive really quick if this strike lasts any length of time.”

Good point. Now all you readers can be prepared.

But this makes me feel sad, too. China has such a terrible human rights and labor rights record. I can just picture all the little child workers, making assembly line Santa Clauses for Americans, and they don’t even have enough money to buy themselves decent toys, let alone get presents for Christmas.

It’s just wrong.