New York City

I just got back from my trip to Canada, not long ago. I barely finishe unpacking, and now I’m called off again to New York city.

I went to Canada to see my Aunt Lola. Lola is my dad’s oldest sister, oldest of three. She told me, “I went to New York City once. For one day…It was a long time ago.”
“It’s probably not that different. It’s an old city.”
“Well, they didn’t have they Twin Towers when I went.”
“THey don’t have them now either! It’s exactly the same!…But there’s a big hole, so maybe not.”

My three aunts, Lola, Pat and Zelpha, AND my dad are having a reunion of sorts right now. They all decided to go see Zelpha, the youngest sister, in New Mexico.

Lola is a nurse, and Pat is a nurse-an R.N., and Zelpha was a stewardess. Zelpha told me that she became a stewardess because she wanted to travel and see New York City. She did, for sure.

I guess it’s New York where she met Uncle Bill. She told some good stories about it, just how it seemed to her as a small town girl.

So I’m going to New York again. This will be the third time I’ve been. All for work reasons, so it’s a little different. I’d love to go and live there for a while. I can tell it would be a very inspiring place to be.

One of the things I like about it is that you are powered by your own feet. I have a strong attachment to walking. MY feet can get me places, but machines are suspect.

Well, maybe this trip I’ll get to look around between all the work requirements. We’ll see.