Transplanted colors

It’s been rainy and cold. Now it’s just cold.

Of course, cold is a relative thing. This is Los Angeles, after all. Cold means it dips below 70 in the afternoons.

But I’m glad it finally feels like fall. Protracted summer is wearing. I am ready for the season change.

People say there is no change in seasons here. Probably other people have missed the changing colors of fall, because there are more than a few cultivated maples and other such trees that change color and drop their leaves.

I was kicking some of those leaves across the sidewalk yesterday. I thought, This is really an artificial fall. This tree isn’t from around here. It was brought here to drop it’s leaves.

And then I realized my disdain wasn’t really fair. I’m not from around here either. Why can’t the trees be validated as transplants? A whole lot of the people are.

So, happy fall everybody. Wherever you are. Even if fall is long past for you. Enjoy the seasons.