Happy Halloween

It is the day.

My new home is one block from an elementary school, so we have hopes for some cute trick or treaters.

I’m excited.

There are a lot of halloween decorations up. We did not decorate. Chris kept lingering over the fog machine, and various other scary stuff.

“Buy it!” I told him.

“Let’s wait and see how many trick or treaters come…”

He says that people are more into decorating than he remembers. We see a lot of fake spiderwebs on hedged. I see a lot of christmas-style lights.

Apparently, the witches have become much less skilled broomstick drivers. There are flattened witches all over fences and trees and doors.

I bought the tootsie roll combo pack. I hope it will be enough. I’ve snacked on it a bit, but there is a big bowl left.

Happy Halloween every one!