the blog is languishing.

I’m sorry. I have a lot on my mind. So much, really, that I have about a half dozen really long and very interesting and intelligent blog posts that I would like to do.

But I am a little depressed about the lack of interest on my blog. I should not say that, because those of you who DO read it might take it personally. I thank you all, dear readers, for your faithful interest.

But…well…I guess being smart and erudite wears thin. Or maybe I’m not as erudite as I wish I were. SIGH.

I met someone, and she is funny and interesting. She also has a blog:
Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong Ever

her blog is amusing, mostly about her personal life, little funny stories. Exactly the sort of thing that I usually DON”T write about, because I want to be a little more universally appealing.

Well, she has a larger audience for her blog than i do. Hmph.

Maybe she just has a larger circle of aquaintances than i do.

…this does not make it better…

So, this is a whiny post about how nobody pays attention to me.

I am very tempted to delete it, because i should not have something so self-serving and unflattering posted.

However, I am not sure I will have time to write something better in the near future.