another thing…

It is wonderful when I get a comment from a reader. They are not frequent, but they are incredibly welcome. Thank you for your contributions, my readers.

However, in spite of my huge delight when I get a relevant comment, i am really thinking about turning off the comment function on this site.

I get thousands of spam comments every week. This means that I am on my site doing maintenance every day, but I am not always able to add new content because my time is used up in sorting through horrible spam.

Lately, the spam has been mostly medical and gambling sites. Previously it has been porn. So I guess the tone is improving, but the quantity is increasing as well.

I just don’t know what to do about this. There are probably solutions out there…I just love the few comments I do recive so much, it has been worth sorting the spam for it…

there is a lot of spam out there, people.