So, the Wall Street Journal was bought by Rupert Murdoch.

I was against it, mostly because I did not want the paper to change, and it was a change.

Newspapers right now are having trouble. The publishers don’t know what to do about the internet, and all the other sources of news. So, they are losing audience and money.

In my town, we have a local paper. The Claremont Courier comes out twice a week and it really does focus on my city.

In Los Angeles, we also have the LA times. When I first moved here, I really liked the times. But it became unbearably smug and full of opinions instead of reporting. Phoo!

and I”m not the only one that is fed up with the LA times

It’s like LA wants to be New York. LA is it’s own self, and doesn’t need to imitate. If they would focus on our own area, and let other people cover the world, I bet that they might win back readers.

As a matter of fact, there is a local paper that is doing it the way I think the LA times should: The daily bulletin for the inland empire.

I got a copy yesterday, for something to read while eating lunch out. On the first page, they had a story about a rescued puppy. They have a food reviewer that reviews drive=thru food…Now, THAT”S where I live.

Nothing in the LA times seems to have anything to do with me. Oh, except maybe the movie schedule. But I can get that online.

And that’s part of the problem.