DRIPPING with disdain…My town and Sarah Palin’s: Wasilla

This is why I was first horrified by Palin’s nomination. Wasilla is not a lovely town.

But hey, it IS a town, and not every town is cute. Slate has this tour of the town of my teen years.

I approve of her choice to invest in a sports complex. I believe I’ve read an enormous portion of the books lining that library’s shelves, and I love the Wasilla public library dearly. But lets be real. Wasilla has a teen population that may or may not graduate from high school. Education is not so valued in the woods.

A sports complex for the community is a lot more practical.

Oh yeah…I have a new handy catchphrase from this  post “hipster douchebag.” The post is long but worth reading.

Palin has me hooked

A choice that was intended to shake up the race did so with more ferocity than McCain ever intended. The mother of five — with one pregnant teenage daughter and an infant son with Down syndrome — has joined a parade of personalities from Anita Hill to O.J. Simpson to Monica Lewinsky to become a cultural flash point.

Um….yeah. I watched the convention last night with an intensity that I’ve never felt about any campaign before. I have never joined a party, but last night, I was ready to go join the Republican party. I know it was stagecraft, but the fact that they were trying to portray themselves as a party that is for small businesspeople and for the right of individuals to make what they want of themselves is very appealing.

THAT is what I want in a government.

So back to Palin. I’ve been researching her like mad. I am delving deep into the online archives of the Anchorage Daily News and searching blog comments just to see what people are bringing up against her.

I’ve been watching TV and listening to the radio, both sides of the middle, to see what people are saying.  There are a lot of accusations and allegations.

But what also amazes me is how wrong people are getting it. I have a good memory for weird facts sometimes. When I’m paying attention (and sometimes even when I’m not) I remember exact figures. And these reporters….getting it wrong…

For example: NO ONE has reported the same number (even rounded) for the total population of the town of Wasilla in the last week. 6,000 and 9,000 and 10,000 are all numbers I’ve heard. Get it right! How hard is that?  Wikipedia  can give you a number.

And then there is all that sexism. Wow. WOW.

I’m off the media.

The current negative rumors I know about Palin:

1. She is a member of the Alaska Independence Party (video)

2. She tried to ban books from the Wasilla Library

3. She really always has been for the Bridge to Nowhere

4. Her baby Trig is really the child of her eldest daughter

5.  She demanded that her sister’s ex-husband  be fired from his State Trooper position, and when that didn’t happen she fired the official who wouldn’t fire the trooper

6. She had an affair with her husband’s business partner (real post)

 Now, that’s what I know so far. The media seems to be rabid about consuming this fresh female meat. There will probably be more things coming out.

Thing is, I’ve looked into these things and made my peace with them. Some of them seem more serious than others. But the fact is, I have come to realize that the people who volunteer to do the hard job of holding political office are people too. And they make mistakes.

I have to be okay with that. It’s juvenile to expect perfection.

I’m still totally inspired by this woman. Not just politically, but for so many things. She gets up in teh morning and lives her life like she has a purpose.

I’d like to be more like her, and when my daughter is born, I can point to Sarh Palin as a role model.