Palin and Hilary…Main Stream Media and snobbery

My new friend Bethany, an Obama supporter and now commenter on my blog, brought up the point that Hillary was also mocked as a woman vying for power in politics. The below is my response to her. I realized I rambled on too long to bury  this response in the comments section:

Yes, I agree that sexism is rampant.

But the disparity is staggering…Hillary got dished on, but not to the extent that Palin is getting.
It’s been barely two weeks, and already they have Palin dolls in sexualized schoolgirl outfits?

And this from Salon:

The MSM (main stream media) is tipping their hand…Letting the broader public see the
usual chatter that is reserved for in-crowd-behind-the-palm-snide-snickers to be shared when the mikes are off.

[let’s pause and let this travesty sink in for a moment…Palin, her political power entirely sexualized. Can you imagine if this were a column sexualizing Obama, for example?  The racist stink off such a column would befoul the area for at least a 100-mile radius.  But who is taking Greg Kamiya aside to explain that he is an emabarassment to the freedom of the press?]

This post from Lileks is what I mean:
He is usually a mild-mannered homebody with a love of retro music and city history. But Mallik’s column was just too much for him.

I am not saying that every democrat is as bad as Mallik and Kamiya. But, to paraphrase Jesus, a little
leaven goes a long way. And these outrageous accusations toward Palin (not even fact-based…’Dominatrix’?!) are piling up really high.

So…I don’t ask that everyone I meet agree with me.

But maybe I should amend my guidelines for “How to have an open-minded discussion” …#9 in
particular…to include “Snobbery” along with sexism, racism and violence as a stopping
point where someone is morally obliged to speak out.

At what point do compassionate democrats start to feel guilty by association?

Oh, one more thing. This is hardly a new train of thought for me. Check this post from
three years ago: