I hate making mistakes

I was sick last week, and it was jampacked with projects I had to do. And then there was this last minute emergency…

And the perfect storm of screwing up my monday began.

This not only screwed up MY monday but the vortex dragged down anyone who was nearby. It probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been sick.

But I was. And when I woke up this morning at 3 to feed my baby, I went back to bed thinking how the day was going to be long and arduous. Then I realized I had pulled down at least 3 other people into the vortex with me.

That made me feel VERY guilty and stupid. WHich of course meant I wasn’t going back to sleep.

Now a day that was GOING to last from 5 to 9 instead will be lasting from THREE to Nine. I hope I can avoid swimming in a sea of self-loathing all day.

My last thought before abandoning the bed was “Maybe I need to really get a calendar that I use EVERY day.”

I am going to have to slog through today. I hope I can find some positivity in it.