they are open

Veronica and I went to the farmers market, because we needed something to do on a Sunday morning.

We looked at bicycles and doggies and various kinds of fruits.

But I bought some flowers. I like to buy the lilies when they are all still ovoid pods, not open yet.

Then I can anticipate when they will spring open into huge beautiful flowers.

I cut them and put them into the vase, and told Veronica,

Look. These are closed now, but after time, they will open into flowers. Wait and see!

That night while eating she asked me “Open it!”

They were not open yet. “We have to wait”

Then, a full day later when I wasn’t paying attention, She said “Open!”

I looked, and Yes! The first flower was splayed open and beautiful.

She told me.


In toastmasters the other day, a table topic was
have you ever acted without thinking and how was that?

well, I am paraphrasing. I love table topics and wanted to shoot myhand up in teh air and say “Pick me pickme!”

But I do not think I have ever acted without thinking. i think a lot without acting. But I cannot imagine acting without thinking. I just am not wired that way.

The man who answered the question said that practice is what enables us to act without thinking. That athletes practice and practice so that they do not have to wait when their moment comes.

Now. That is more like it. I have definitely acted without hesitation before. I do like to think things through completely and know what my next action should be in different circumstances.

once I recognize a trigger, a decision that I’ve already thought through, I act quickly.

The rest of the time I think think think about what I might have to do one day.