I, Murphy

holy crap! I’ve been taking a class on empowerment.

..never never thought I would ever say that..My philosophy has always been, when I want to get somewhere, to charge off in a direction and eventually I’ll get there.

Empowerment? With no measures of success or progress? What a crock.

I was wrong. funny how I can be wrong even in areas that i have learned a better answer

but still I don’t grasp my own revelation

I learned this here http://writtenbymurphy.com/wonderblog/2002/12/the-myth-and-science-of-santa/

and here http://writtenbymurphy.com/wonderblog/2007/07/the-borders-of-language-and-the-universe/

and probably more if I look.

and yet, here i go thinking I need to measure the world in spoons

but I had the good sense to blindly reach for this class. And I am learning new ways to gauge.

What’s it for, this measuring? in my day job, it is said, “measure twice cut once”

therefore, measuring is for the purpose of cutting.

measuring is for the purpose of taking an action

or making a decision

decision making and action taking are often based on non-quantifiable  reasons.

Who hasn’t done something without entirely knowing why?

“Because I want to!”

and that is a perfectly fine reason. But maybe it shoulnd’t be considered a reasonable reason.

So, I can see that there is a huge foggy area that is outside of reason that guides my life.

And this class is the flashlight on my helmet that is shining into that gray patch.

Teacher started out in a good spot:

What do I want?

and the focus here is the subject, not the verb or the object.

Not the what  or the want

The focus is on the ‘I’. I am where it all begins.

I don’t know about you, but I am still mysterious.

But if I can’t learn things about me, no one else can teach me.