open ended curiousity

That’s what the wonderblog is about.  I defy categories.

To my chagrin. It seems easier to pick a topic and then write about that. Lord knows I could probably do that if required.

But this is the wonder. I wonder about a lot of things. Open ended curiosity with a heart connection.

that sounds like a good tag line.

I know there are people who dig it. I have you, dear readers, who open and read my words. Thank you!

There are more people with open-ended curiosity too. There must be. What else feeds that hunger?

TED talks are famous for it? How many of us have just randomly selected a TED talk, even if we didn’t know what it was about, and listened?

I have.

There are even playlists that go through a variety of topics.

My musings and wonderings fit the same niche I think.

Except it’s just me. Me and what I think, not a group of experts.

I suppose I am an expert in my own life.