mother daughter team

Veronica and I were working on a craft. It was a bit too hard for her, which meant I had to do it while she watched
This was irritating. But I didn’t want her to watch more tv. I asked her to tell me a story. She did and it quickly became her singing me a song she invented.
She has recently been suggesting careers for me since I was laid off. I had a flash of brilliance “Veronica, did you know that songwriting is something you can do for a job. People will pay you for it.”
She and I became a songwriting duo, as I explained that you need a verse and a chorus. We listened to a sample of the Beatles. We got a couple really good ideas fleshed out, including a song about “all I need is me” which talked about the parts of the body. A second one “I love animals and plants” with the first verse being animals and the second about plants. I put a showboat-y finale on the second verse and she tole me that was too popular, mommy.
We are ready to be a songwriting duo.
Naturally, I concluded by telling Veronica that Amanda and Craig write songs for movies, and played here this. 
She was deeply moved and excited by this song.

sharing a bottle

For the first time in my life I drank an entire bottle of wine with a friend. We talked till 1230 at night. We made homemade pizza walk the dog and talked about everything we had lost track of the last anymore