Tiger mom

I stayed out late last night hanging with friends learning more about totem animals.

So I got home late and didn’t fall asleep till about 1 AM.

Veronica woke up at 5:30 she was awake she wanted to watch TV. She had had a bad dream I could see that she was tired. I knew I was tired.

She had had a bad dream. I could see that she was tired. I knew I was tired.

So I tried to help her get back to sleep.

It was tough. She knew what she wanted, to watch TV. I thought I could help her get back to sleep she kept arguing that the sun was up.

I gave her some milk and graham crackers after 45 minutes. She still wanted to stay awake. Our bargain was she would try to sleep.

She started crying and said I don’t know how. So I held her on my lap. She lay her head on my shoulder. I told her the story of the tiger I knew, that this tiger was strong and powerful. And the tiger told me I was strong. Then she really started crying and said “I don’t feel powerful.”

I told her I thought she was powerful, but my heart was breaking how do I help her?

I wrapped My bathrobe around her and she quietly laid her head on my shoulder. I waited five minutes and then put her back in her bed.

We all slept until 9 AM

Of course Chris is still sleeping. But it reminded me of when she was very little, and how I am grateful that she mostly falls asleep on her own. I am sad that she doesn’t feel powerful.

Maybe she feels more powerful in the daytime, and less powerful right after a nightmare.


I used to blog a lot more. I kind of miss it. 
The internet changed underneath me and there are a lot more tools. I tweet and Instagram and participate in Facebook  Groups. I write a lot every day 

I used to email. a lot more too.  Hmm

The Internet has changed beneath me