“Now release into Savasana…corpse pose.”


I was finally taking my first yoga class. For years it seemed like everyone around me was into yoga, and half the people I knew taught it.


I didn’t feel the pull. But so many people said it was amazing, I thought I would try it.


At the end of the class I asked teacher a few questions.


“This is your first yoga class?” she said. Apparently I passed as normal in this class, and hadn’t worn my ignorance too conspicuously.


“I have always liked to do more active things. I run.”


“How do you breathe when you run?”


I stared. “By moving air in and out of my body…What are you talking about?”


“Oh you have to learn how to breathe!”


I had heard this from some of the more annoying Yoga fans of my acquaintance. I have to learn how to breathe. You can’t drop a bomb like that and just sail away!


Another person in the class said ‘Yeah, you know how you are supposed to breathe when you sing? With your belly?”


I guess so. Kind of.


I wasn’t at all sure about yoga.


But that annoying ache in my hips was gone.


So maybe.


And then I went back to my morning routine of running.


Yes. I like to MOVE, not stand still. But maybe yoga had gotten rid of that other annoying ache. I felt around for it and remembered the teacher had said I had to breathe right. From my belly.


How do you do that?


So I’m thinking of how to run fast and keep my legs moving forward and my arms pumping to make time, and trying to push my belly full of air.


Which feels very strange. Like my balance is all off. So where are my arms and legs again? Are they going fast?
But just as I am putting them all back in line I have to keep breathing, and if I’m doing that I have to fill my belly.
This is a lot of rhythms to maintain. And now I have to take a BIG yawn. and that throws off my breathing. Am I still moving forward? I don’t want to slow down.


So my stomach and my legs and my arms and my breath and my big pausing yawns are all working together like a bag of cats.


That ache seemed to be less, but I was pretty sure that I was going to have a new record of how slow I was running. Yawning my way across the finish line I stopped the clock.


My second fastest time ever!


Seemed like there might be something to it. I’ll go to the next class.