I sprang out of bed this Sunday morning. The orange glow of the sunrise in my window meant there was only this moment to capture that color.
I’ve been taking a photo of the sunrise every day for a few weeks. I notice the changes in the color of the blue as the edge of the light peeks over the horizon. And the change of the sunlight color as it hits the clouds.
It only takes a second for everything to change. That sunrise reminds me of the day’s beginning like nothing else
Time is only in the experience of it. That’s what I read in Why Time Flies by Alan Burdick. We measure it, but what are we really measuring.
There is now
Which is gone by the time we say it. 
This day 
whether I name it or not is what I have.
Of course I can imagine I have more. I can use my mind to wander back into the past and wish for, long for or regret things.
Or I can look into the future and worry.
Why is it so often worry?
I could plan and fuss over the things that are still to come. Most of the time that is what I am doing with my head.
I’ve heard a lot of mental health people say: Be in the present!
It can be disorienting to pull my head out of the dark unknown experience of the future or the remembrances of the past and look at what’s here. I spend so much time mesmerized by the shifting shimmer of the ghosts of the past and the possibilities. I have to blink me eyes and let them refocus on the perspective of the near and now.
Like the foggy glow of the sunrise on the horizon. Right now! These colors are only right now. There is no other moment to live in.