making room

things I pay attention to are the things that grow

I am taking the time. I have not given in the time. The lockdown took me on strange paths, old programming and I hid. I was not the only one who went very primal.

I didn’t feel like I could be alone with my thoughts. The thoughts had monsters. the greek chorus of the news screamed warnings of monsters…or maybe the news was the monster

I couldn’t hear myself think. I didn’t want to hear myself think. So I slammed the door and took it somewhere else.

I want my thoughts back. I miss the beautiful stories and words I remember creating so easily.

maybe that ease is a false memory. Maybe it was harder than I rememver

but I did create. I am tracing bak to find my old tools and habits

this is one. making the time to think



I want to share them too, but I have to have them again.

Hello wonderblog my old freind.