I found my grocery store! It’s on the way back from school.

Oh, it is marvelous! It’s called JON’S. I think it’s a take off on the other big store “Von’s”

But the reason it’s marvelous is because it has all the wonderful ethnic foods you can think of. They sell frozen pelmeni and vareniki. They also have fresh bulgarian feta at the deli section. They have ptitsa moloko actualy labelled “Bird’s Milk” on the box.

When I saw that they had Pryaniki, and they were called Pryaniki, I almost welled up. I couldn’t help remembering the times I had discovered Pryaniki the first time, in the deli at Mirnyy. I spent SO much time shopping when I was in Russia.

It was all there was to do, but it was also a lot of fun discovering new things.

I also remembered the friends that I shared the bird’s milk and Pryaniki with when I was in Russia. I felt very sad because I knew I would never see most of them again.

But it was wonderful to go to a store that had all these treats I had almost forgotten.