This was originally an email, but I thought it was blog-worthy.

Last Sunday, I had a chance to meet someone off of Craig’s list…We’d been emailing wittily back and forth, and we decided we had to meet face to face. We decided to meet down at a place called Psychobabble…It was open mike night.

I didn’t know what he looked like, but I told him I would wear a beret, and he would recognize me. I was sort of looking around, and I looked hard at this one guy, thinking it might be him.

The guy (it wasn’t him) kind of skulkily followed me up to the counter. He nerved himself up to ask me, in a thick Russian accent, if I had come for the poetry.

“Is it poetry night?” I said. “If only I had come prepared!”

“You write poetry?”

I looked him straight in the eye and said, “Doesn’t everybody?”

He said he would be reading his poetry. I told him I would have to make sure to listen for it.

Then he noticed the copy of Crime and Punishment I had brought. You never know if these internet types will actually show up. I figured I’d better have reading material in case I got stood up or had to wait a long time.

“Oh, are you reading that? He is my favorite author”

“Yeah, I’m almost done with it. But I think I like Tolstoy better.”

“Well, yes but..Tolstoy was very different. I mean…”

“Yeah, Tolstoy was from a different era.”

“Yes! Yes!”

I had obviously impressed the socks off this Russian poet Muzhik.
He had to regain some ground.

“Well, if you like Tolstoy, you would probably like my novel.”

That’s quite a claim.

“You’ve written a novel?”

“Yes. I could email it to you, so you could read it.”

This is a new line. So much for etchings. We’ve gone on to novels!
But I know better now.

“Sure, give me your email address.”

Better to get his than to give him mine. I had to get rid of him somehow. The guy I was really there to meet had showed up, and it’s bad form to be hit upon while meeting another male for the first time. Even though it was a platonic meeting, they can get miffed.

I got his email on a napkin and me and the other guy slipped out of the cafe.
I missed my chance to hear the Muzhik’s poems.

I’m still undecided whether I want an e-novel sent to me or not.