I’m famous! Those of you

I’m famous!

Those of you who read my boyfriend’s blog are familiar with the truly stupendous new website, Blogcritics.org. That clever man who created Blogcritics, Eric Olsen, sent me my password to join the Blogcritic cadre.

I’m so thrilled to see myself in print, I’m squirmy!

I reprinted my little review on Alanis over there. It’s exactly the same as the one below, but it is on someone else’s page, with a logo and links on the side.

You should check out the site, anyway. It is grassroots in the best possible way, and it’s interesting. I find out all kinds of things by checking it out.

This may have the result of focussing my posts, here, too. I may feel more motivated towards critically relevant topics, and less inclined towards introspective musings…Or maybe I will merge the two!

We’ll see.