I should be less responsible

I am wretchedly sick. Yuk.

I began to be ill yesterday at work. It got worse and worse, and I was in so much pain, I called the doctor. Missing my dinner, I rushed over to Kaiser to wait for an hour.


They gave me pills, which stop the pain. Antibiotics, maybe that will kick it in the pants.

The phenomenal relief of not being in pain made me feel perfectly well.

Until I had to come to work this morning.

Why am I here? What is wrong with me? I am FAR too responsible for my own good. I should be at home, lying in bed and moaning, instead of here, typing on my computer and moaning.

Yes indeed. Why am I here?

I am here because the boss is gone. Like Kirk on the Enterprise, he took all his officers on the away team. Absolutely no one else would have been here to cover for me at 7:30 a.m.

Is this my problem? I am sick.

But I was raised that excuses are not reasons to shirk your responsilities.
So here I am.