Fat Cat

So my cat had a little disorder last weekend. I made an appointment for him at the vet, and even though he seemed better by the time the appointment arrived, I thought I’d better keep it.

I’d been meaning to talk with the vet about my cat anyway. He’s fat. About 18 pounds of cat.

YES, he’s big boned, YES, he a very muscular, and YES he’s a little fluffy.

But he’s FAT. I’ve been buying him this high-fiber diet cat food for forever, and it seems to do no good. Therefore, I wanted to discuss the situation with a vet.

The vet looked him over, agreed with me that he’s fat and told me to put him on the ATKIN’s diet. Well, to use the ATKIN’s principles anyway. All meat for the cat.

Cats are carnivores, supposedly. My previous diet cat food choice was high in fiber ‘n’ stuff, and may well have been working against him in his need to lose weight.

He seems to like his all-meat diet.