The Fighting Never Stopped

Patrick Brogan’s book World Conflicts: A Comprehensive Guide to World Strife Since 1945 is really good. It’s the kind of thing I should read, but I always feel sad when I do.

Here’s the layout: he gives short synopses on what’s been happening in all kinds of countries since WW2. No, he doesn’t cover every country. No, he isn’t without bias. But this book is a great catch-up on stuff that’s been going on.

And stuff has been going on everywhere. When I read his chapter on Argentina, I finally understood the Falkans. I’m sure I didn’t have all of it, but I feel like I have some basic facts.

What’s the deal with Africa? What’s the deal with the Middle east? What is going on in the Phillipines? These kinds of questions pop up in my mind every day. THis book gives me some answers.

It’s really great, and it makes me sad. I wish the world were not so full of trouble.

Go girl!

Iranian Wins Nobel Peace Prize

“Ebadi, who is the first Iranian and Muslim female to receive the honor, has maintained that democracy and Islam are compatible. A devout Muslim, she has fought against conservative Islamic rulers on behalf of women and children, in particular. Her efforts represent a radical change in a country where clerics maintain strict rules.”

I am very pleased about this. Iran, and all the middle east needs some brave women to stand and be heard.

This woman literally risks her life to do what she is doing.