children of the firm

I’m beat. Work made me work really hard, and I spent the week away from home. I am done now, and I am even taking monday off.

It took three trips to this location to finish. The first time, I stayed with friends. The second, I picked the cheaper hotel, and I rejected it. Too much graffitti nearby. It was a barely revitalized motel.

This time, third time, I got to stay with the top dogs in the nice hotel. I even snuck out to the hot tub at the end of the day, and it was wonderful. I sat there in luxury, staring at the beautiful stars. I was a little bit grateful to the firm for giving me a chance to stay at this pretty hotel. I would never have paid that much on my own.

And then I thought about how i had rejected the other motel. It was more expensive than I would have chosen to pay, too. I wondered if the top dogs would have stayed at the motel. They might have found it objectionable. We find a lot of reasons to complain about what our firms provide for us.

If I don’t have to pay for it, I might as well insist on the best. It costs me nothing.

I wondered if the top dogs would have chosen less luxurious surroundings. I thought, maybe not. They do make more money than me. I wondered if they also felt that they could insist on the best from the firm, and if they also felt like it costs them nothing.

Because it does cost everybody something. The money to pay the bill comes from somewhere. It just seems so removed and far away that it feels free. At least it does to me.

But for the top dogs, the partners, they have a share in what happens. They own the firm. It’s their money going away to put an expensive pillow under my head. Do they realize that? Or do they also feel very removed from the costs of doing business?

The movie “The Corporation” talked about corporations making the businesses that we do gets to be further and further away from consequences. That leads to irresponsibility.

And that made me think that all of us, all of the people from our firm were maybe, behaving like children. Someone else, we don’t know who, would get the consequences of our choices and actions.

Someone else will handle the bill.

That can’t be good for business.


I have wireless internet now. I love it. I can look up things that I see on tv.

So now…I’m watching George W. Bush at the republican convention. My companion and fount of knowledge, Chris, was telling me how the republican convention gave the bloggers real press passes, letting them sit with the radio people.


So, in the middle of his speech, W gave out his website. I was excited to hear a president give out his URL in a major speech. and My laptop was there all connected to look it up!

I typed it in, just to see.

It was SLAMMED. no connecting. I looked it up in google, to get their cached version.


I guess everyone else had the same idea.

I love the internet.

I was able to get on about a minute later, and they listed that they had a blog. It was not a real blog…It was more of a website scrap book of pictures…not a lot of commentary.

But hey! I just like that my current favorite medium is getting some attention.