Daytime programming

So it’s coming up on the two-month anniversary of my last day at work. I confess, I have come a long way. A long way from the hippie credo of my no-tv family.

There is a lot of choices on my cable network. It took at least a month to be totally sick of everything on TV. At last, I am availing myself of my boyfriend’s DVD library. And when I want to see something in color, the LA library let’s me have them for free.

So I’ve been watching a lot of movies. The trick to watching movies, for me, is to watch ones that you’ve seen before. Because I just want it on while I’m doing other stuff. Folding laundry, writing, emailing, taping packages.

But that means I have to see them the first time. So here are the movies I’ve watched lately:

Meet John Doe
One Fine Day
Lust for Life
Intruder in the Dust
Muppet Movie

When I list it out like that it seems like a lot. I don’t usually watch that many movies.

Movies are a lot different from writing on paper. And paper writing is what I’ve been doing. So, I want to appreciate the movies and understand them for what they do.

I want to understand what they do, so I can learn to do that do, but also to do what only writing can do.

People are very used to movies, and they expect excellence from them. That’s changed what people expect from books too.

I think movies show external action, dialogue and visual images very well. Obviously!

But books can pop open the heads, show the thoughts and the psychology of the characters in a way that movies cannot. And books can carry a scope that is much larger than the two hour time frame of a movie.

Even if I were the master she was, I can’t write like Jane Austen. Things have changed. The dendrites and synapses of readers have realigned themselves and I have to use a new roadmap.

It’s exciting, I tell you.