thoughts from the road

So, I am on a trip. I decided take a trip down the road UP north.

I always say “Go down to see you” from whatever place I am. People will correct me. “You’re coming up to see me”

Whatever. I always call it down.

Anyway, I came out here to hit up an old professor about book writing/publishing ideas. She was awesome. Gave me a big chunk of time and really talked with me. She didn’t know any agents to sign me (one can hope…oh well), but she gave me some great ideas and feedback. Plus she had a very cute cat.

It’s so great to go on a trip for ME, not for the stupid law firm. GEEZ, those trips…they took so much.

I’m glad to be able to see who I need to see and think lots of thoughts about what I am trying to accomplish with myself.

I am finding that corporations offer a lot of infrastructure that individual persons don’t get, though. The B.ig F.irm (BFLF) offered me a hotel, usually a fancy one, when I would travel. They would also give me an internet connection.

Don’t really miss the hotel. I am honored to discover that I have lots of friends who love me and are excited for me to sleep on the guest bed/couch.

They love me! 🙂

But DAMN! internet is vital. I am at the library right now. In my own town I know where to get jacked in. Here, I can’t find a spare wireless connection to save me…I know they are here, but if I don’t have a connection, how do I look them up to find them?

Anyway, it’s been a great trip, now that I renewed my library card (act casual and pretend it’s no big deal that you don’t actually LIVE in Mountain View when you renew) and paid my overdue fees ($5.60 all told).

It’s interesting. The Mt. View library card had a smartchip in it. I remember those being introduced back when I worked at Visa International (up the road..San Mateo). NOW they are in the library card. Yay for technology!

They let you be online for 90 minutes, but you can also load the thing up with money to buy copies or print pages off the ‘net while surfing.

Good handy little thing, that smart card.

Well, I am sure this is of very marginal interest to you, my readers, BUT I just spent the last hour clearing off 1500 spam comments
from my webpage here. I felt like posting something, and it’s my page so there.

I wish the spammenters would leave me alone. SIGH But it’s the price I pay for leaving the door open for comments on this space.

I appreciate comments from readers very much, so it’s worth it.

Have a great weekend, folks, and let me see if I can cook up the next episode of Miriam for you by monday.