Moving Data

It is harder than it should be to move the data from my old laptop on to my new laptop.

I think maybe I should just burn a CD of the whole darn thing. It’s not as simple as it should be.

Sinead Lohan _I am No Mermaid_

Found an old CD last week. It’s from 10 years ago. It feels even older. I am enjoying it.

I think she’s supposed to be Irish of some sort, but the CD was produced in L.A.


It’s kinda funny, because Nickel Creek did a cover of one of her songs. I didn’t realize it until I’d heard listened to it again last week.


I would have thought her super obscure. I don’t know if I should feel in the know because I have the obscure CD, or silly because i thought it was obscure when it was not.


Or maybe I”m wrong and the Nickel Creek cover is obscure, anyway.

It’s hard to tell when you’re cool and underground indie bootleggy after you stopped caring about being cool and underground indie.