Old flame

Last night I dreamed that an old flame had come back to me. He was dying, and he realized that he really had missed out by not being with me back when.

All my love for him came rushing back. I am happily married, and he is (in real life) married too. But somehow, I was ready and it was just understood that I would be in his life and his lover before he died.

He finally recognized how he felt about me , and admitted to himself that his feelings and my feelings were undeniable.

It took a brush with death for him to realize I am perfect for him.

And somehow I had propped the door of my heart open the whole time. We held hands, and he was weak and sick on his bed, but I was going to be with him.

Somehow it all made sense. I started to wake up a bit, and think about how I couldn’t do this to my husband, still convinced that I would.

There is a lot of psychological meaning in this. I am not sure what, but the dream is still with me.

I’m so grateful to my husband. I would not want to leave him for anybody.