Books I read in 2016

Amazon makes a list of all the ones I read on Kindle. I read most books on Kindle. There were a few.

IT”S FUN TO REMEMBER BOOKS! my old friends. Here they are:

The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle)
The future belongs to those who dare (Not finished)
Behind Barbed Eyes
The Anglo Saxon Chronicles (not finished)
The God of small things (not finished)
Constitution of Lberty (not finished)
Celestina (not finished)
I am Malala
The Bands of Mourning
State of Wonder
Digital ABCs for Baby
Ask (not finished)
The Signature of all things
The Glass Magician
The Paper Magician
Shadows of Self
The Allow of Law
Pieces like Pottery
Schiit Happened (not finished)
Hunger Games Trilogy
The Magical Art of Tidying up
Hmm…What else? I think I had a few p-books. But I don’t have time to remember them all.