Books I have read in the last two weeks

I dont’ have time to review them all, but I would like to keep a record of the books I read.

Open Secret by Alice Munro
The man in my basement by Walter Mosely
The Wife by Meg Wolitzer
I want to wear a red dress by Pearl Cleage
The Love Wife by jen Gish

Okay, I’m still in the m iddle of Love Wife. I ran out of book last thursday and Karen loaned it to me.

I have also listened to, recently, a whole lot of audio tapes with lecture series on them. Crazy wonderful, those are. LOVE LOVE LOVE the teaching company:

The history of freedom
The history of Myth
Alexander the Great and the Hellenic Age
The Middle Ages

I tried but got bogged down in:
Great Romans

too many names in that one, and I REALLY wanted to listen to the middle ages series, which was MUCH more absorbing. Middle ages knock me out.

I just checked out:

That one should be interesting. More recent, anyway.

Okay, that’s enough for now.