The perfect strategy for picking up women

I am not very impressed with men who try to pick up women they don’t know in a public place. I mostly find such men annoying and a distraction from my fun on a night out.


I have recently discovered a few of my friends who confessed to a desire–nay, a requirement–that the male make the first move to begin a relationship.

They admit it’s irrational and that they perhaps should be independent women, able to ask a guy out. But they can’t get over the need to be swept off their feet.

This is asking–nay, begging–for trouble. Nice men who respect the equal footing of their prospective female partners expect these equal human specimens to give a clear green light of interest.

ONLY the men who think of women as chattel, as prizes to be won, will easily approach a woman with intent to romance. They are the ones with practice at it, and I just find that slimy.

Let’s be real…who doesn’t want to be approached by someone declaring your attractiveness? Males and Females both appreciate appreciation. Why do these ladies think only females deserve to get the prize, to lay back and recieve admiration while giving nothing?

It’s not fair, it’s not equal and it’s downright foolish to be at the mercy of the first comer.

But since these women are unable to be convinced otherwise, I write this formula. This is my advice to the nice, non-slimy, shy men of the world who can’t quite figure out how to approach females.

Spot a woman. Make sure she is not obviously attached. Wedding ring? not for you. Part of a couple? Leave her alone.
But if she is with a group of friends, that’s best.

Approach her and say:

“Hi. What’s your name?”

“What?!” you say. “That doesn’t make me stand out of the crowd. That’s so…normal.”

No shit, Sherlock. Normal is what you want. Start with Normal, and build from there.

Okay. So the female looks at you. Perhaps she answers with her name, perhaps she just looks at you stunned, because she is not used to normal guys talking to her out of nowhere. Tell her your name in the stunned pause.

“My name is Pete Normal.”

and then you say, “you have a wonderful smile.”

She will be flattered. She may get flustered. Remember, you don’t know this woman. She may have all kinds of feelings about that statement. If she wants to talk to you, you can talk for a little bit at this point. But here is the important part:


Say, “Hey, I’ll see you later.” Drift away. Don’t hang around like a pathetic loser. Even if she is being talkative, excuse yourself politely and walk away.

If she is interested, she will keep glancing your way. Or she may not. Either way, give it some time. Let your sweet normality simmer in her mind.

Then, before you leave, approach her again. Have your phone number/email address written down, and go talk to her. Say:

“It was great to meet you. I’d love to see more of your smile.” Give her that piece of paper with your contact information.

She may give you a hug goodbye. She may write down her number/email to give to you. These are all good things.

She may not do either of these things. But give her the number and then walk away. You will be a prince.

Guys, I do not promise that she will call you every time. But I can reasonably guarantee that if you do this repeatedly, you will find eventually find a lady who is receptive and be on your way to a fulfilling relationship.