Good news and bad news

The good news is, I’ve got my new (it’s not a year yet, it’s still new) job figured out.

The bad news is, I’ve got my new job figured out.

Well, I finally went and spent some time at headquarters, and fully mind-melded with those there. I feel like I picked their brains dry, and I know what I need to know. I also know when they are talking but really aren’t saying anything.

SO. This means I have a clear view of the battlefield ahead of me, and can march on the enemy of disorder and chaos.

It is not a pretty picture, but I at least know I’m seeing the whole thing and can trust my own judgement.

The needle has dropped in the groove.

After 8 months of trying to understand what the heck I was supposed to be doing here, I now know. And it is a great relief to get working on all the chaos.

But…this means my Field Marshall personality is in full swing, and I want to start throwing myself into this project.

I like projects. But just because this one I have found at work is new and exciting doesn’t mean that I should neglect my other important goals.

It’s been kind of hard for me to write lately. Hence, my blog is suffering. I apologize for that, friends.

Bear with me. I am struggling for balance in my passionate pursuits.