In praise of Laura Scott

I have foot issues, to be honest. I walk hard and fast, and I am not particularly physically aware. I don’t think about the pieces of my body, not without concentration.

So I am prone to twisting ankles. And those cute little slip-ons, ‘mules’ or even flip-flops…not gonna happen. I am prone to striding forward and kicking them completely off my foot, or even more painfully, kicking them slightly forward to bring the back edge of the shoed irectly into my soft heel when I step down again. OW!

I like cute shoes. I wish I could put my pretty feet into pretty shoes. But i have learned that they have to be tied to my foot, with laces or strapped around the ankle, or I just can wear them. Boots work too. They are very securely fastened to my body.

And to add insult to my disability, I have had to wear orthopedic inserts to keep from having painful throbbing muscles and bones in my legs. yuk.

My fashion sense suffers.

BUT! I have discovered a really really great shoe designer. I have two pairs of shoes from her, both extremely cute.

Laura Scott

These are her shoes I’m wearing today:

Like how my hose already has a blown out toe? sigh…This is the problem us tall women have with hose. You can find a picture of my first pair from Laura Scott here
I find her shoes at Sears, and they are so comfy! Both pairs have a little heel, 2 or 3 inches, and are unique and interesting. But despite the heel, these are comfortable enough to walk around mall in two hours. Now that’s comfortable.

Ms. Scott deserves recognition. These are awesome little cute shoes. Check her out, you won’t be sorry.